Below, you will find loglines of my select scripts, as well as short satires and culture reviews. 

I concentrated in playwriting, but am versed in all mediums, such as poetry, memes, television and film. (Bear with me on TikTok, I'm still put out over Vine.)

I'm drawn to 'the manic' or mania in my writing. That is, overactive realities, laughter in terror, as well as prolonged beats & jilted rhythms. 

If you wish to read one of my scripts, or hire me to write your next monologue/ provide feedback on your own work, send up a flare and shoot me an email through my 'Contact' page. I'll get back to you in no time, promise.

Don't Body Shame the Reverend

Short Play

"I tell meself which rooms I will and won’t go to! Like, I’m me own person now on. ‘Specially on Saturdays!"

Madeline is freshly 16; Grandmammy is either turning 88 or 68; Scotland could turn independent on Thursday; and everyone's chests hurt for it. Oh, and Ian Paisley is dead. Sorry, did I not lead with that?


The Model Subjects

Full-length Play

"We stand out; we stand alone; and that's where we stand."


Christmas bears guns, firebombs, and a homecoming anti-hero to Free Derry, Northern Ireland 1972. The Lieutenant of Inishmore meets Romeo & Juliet, this historical drama tracks the undoing of Cian, a hard-lined Provisional IRA leader and his unit when Anna, a wayward British aristocrat joins his inner circle and captures his heart.



Full-length Play

"Call Mark. We need... he’ll turn on... and you’ll feel

After an unforgettable night out, Erin can't get Jack out of her head. But when he doesn't call, Jack stays just there, secure in her imagination. Interlusional is the interlude between Erin's life and sex life, as the barriers between safe space and sexual inexperience blur thin.

Dead Skin Cells of Glossier Interns to Replenish LA Beaches


"Fresh off its Grant Initiative for Black-Owned Businesses, Glossier announced its latest philanthropic partnership benefiting two new recipients of pandemic ingenuity and blush-pink guilt: Los Angeles beaches, and the company’s own furloughed Offline Editors."

You can read my full piece here.


4 Email Subject Lines That Will Actually Make You Want to Contribute & Save Democracy


 Hey. Hey, Let Us Buy You a Coffee…


And not just on National Coffee Day when it’s free. We’re talking any coffee (or tea) of any size, with any milk and flavored syrup at that ‘$$’ cafe you’ve been eyeing since it gentrified your neighborhood. All we ask in return is that you donate the cost of said drink to our campaign. And that you tip your barista. And, you know, maybe put in a good word? We ultimately want their money too.

You can read the full piece here.

I Rated the First 10 Songs on Shuffle of My iPod (iPhone?)

I let a shuffle of my entire Apple Music library characterize my taste, then answered to what I thought of its character assassination of me. 

You can read my full review at the brilliant Mary Colussi's Wont Street blog.


The Kissing Booth 2: Rule #1, She Is, In Fact, Not Worth it, Marco

"If Chloe survived a near drowning in Zimbabwe at the ripe age of ten after a hippopotamus chomped off the bow of her boat, she definitely leads a life worth more than repairing this infantile relationship between two white Californians. I, however, don’t know Marco’s history (which is problematic in itself), but in a certain light he shares a similar facial structure with Cillian Murphy. That alone makes him my moonshot."

You can read my full review at the brilliant Mary Colussi's Wont Street blog.